Kim Lawton

Award-winning marketing veteran Kim Lawton is the co-founder of two agencies: Inspira Marketing Group and Enthuse Marketing, both of which offer professional marketing services to businesses of all sizes. Kim uses cutting-edge marketing strategies to help brands build visibility and connect with consumers. Often referred to as “Kim Possible,” she is fueled by her belief that persistence makes anything possible and takes pride in ensuring her clients are fully satisfied with her oversight of their creative processes, account services, and production teams. As an open, honest professional with a straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is personality, Kim is a sought-after professional who brings tremendous value to Inspira, Enthuse, and the agencies’ many clients.

As both a Partner and the Chief Possibilities’ Officer at Inspira, a purpose-driven brand activation agency, she leads teams to provide innovative brand strategy, content production, sampling programs and field/sales team development and management solutions to automotive, CPG, financial, technology, and food and beverage clients.

As Chief Executive Officer at Enthuse, Kim is the leader of agency growth and new business. Recognized for her visionary mindset and fearless attitude, she helps trade groups and B2B clients overcome complex business challenges by creatively leveraging their competitive edge to deliver measurable results. Kim specializes in turning opportunities into transformative experiences that help businesses to thrive even in the most competitive and uncertain environments.

Kim’s passion for healthy company culture starts with her teams, empowering them to craft the best solutions possible for their clients. Driven by entrepreneurial creativity and tenacity, Kim is quick-witted, eager to learn, and willing to enhance outdated operations to develop better solutions. Her meticulous approach results in well-executed, practical, and budget-conscious marketing strategies that yield transformative results.

Kim gained her extensive background in advertising, media, and marketing working with numerous Fortune 100 Companies, including Nike, Nestle, and Microsoft. She holds both a BA in Marketing and a BS in Communications from the University of Minnesota and has earned industry acclaim with numerous marketing and business awards, most notably for her philanthropic mentorship of women-owned businesses and their founders through her 501(c)3, The Enthuse Foundation.

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